Tuthill Business System

Continuous improvement as a way of life.

The Tuthill Business System (TBS) is modeled after the Toyota Production System and has been popularly described as Lean, Kaizen, TQM, etc.

We view TBS as a total business philosophy that instills the discipline and the flexibility to help us prosper.

The fundamentals of TBS are as follows:

  • Determine what the customer values and how we create that value
  • Deliver that value at the rate the customer wants
  • Have the customer "pull" their requirements
  • Try to produce these requirements in the units the customer requires, one at a time
  • Strive to always close our performance gaps
  • Expect problems and relish their resolution knowing that this makes us stronger
  • Respect, acknowledge, and listen to people --- Through their success will come ours

TBS begins by listening to the "Voice of the Customer" to determine what they value and remove all waste that hinders the delivery of that value. Although this sounds simple it is the relentless pursuit of waste that becomes the challenge. Our leadership is directly involved to ensure we realize this is not a program, but a never ending journey that strives for perfection in everything we do: from the genesis of an idea for a new product to the introduction of that product; from the receipt of an order to shipment of the related product; and from delivery of the original unit to follow-up parts and service.

We believe our desire for continuous improvement in an environment created by Conscious Company is a winning combination!