Our Compass

Our Purpose

Wake the World.

We invite a powerful aliveness.  We make space for hearts - the original pumps - to thrive.  When we come alive, the world comes along.

Our Vision

A legion of like-hearted people with astounding impact.

An ingenious company supporting flourishing families and spirited communities.

Our Mission

Making real things that really make a difference.

From our hearts to our heads to our hands, we dare to make better.

Our Way

Living our common values.  Creating the uncommon.

A life full of curiosity, clarity, grit, grace, gratitude, and love.

Our Brand

It's who we are, what we do, and what we say.

It all starts with me.  Here.  Now.

What do we do?  

Tuthill's Compass is much more than a poster on the wall. It is a beacon of alignment behind everything we do. Please feel free to download a copy of our compass.

Download PDF