Conscious Company

A Conscious Company journey.

Tuthill Corporation has been on a journey to become a Conscious Company since 2005. At Tuthill we strive to create an environment where individuals are both motivated and effective. One of the ways that this is accomplished is by holding our employees to their greatness.

With unwavering confidence that each and every one of our employees has the potential to become an alive leader, Tuthill has invested a large amount of time in teaching the principles of a Conscious Company at all levels within the organization.

Starting at the top with Chairman Jay Tuthill, the Conscious Company principles have spread throughout the organization and continue strong today. It all began with two distinct three-day retreats that were attended by Jay's leadership team and then pushed down to managers and supervisors throughout the organization. It is one thing to send everyone off to leadership training to strengthen their skill sets, but it's another to teach it yourself. Not only did Jay participate as a teacher in these events, but he changed his title from Chief Executive Officer to Chief Environmental Officer at the time, which firmly planted his flag in his commitment to creating a great place to work.  

Now that the leadership and supervisors have completed this training they are being called forth to teach the materials to the remainder of the Tuthill population. The strength Tuthill has and continues to see in employees as they gain alignment with the company wants and their wants is having an astounding impact.

How do we continuously improve?