Conscious Company

The Conscious Leader is fully aware and awake to what is, while completely responsible and at choice for creating what she or he wants!
~ Therese A. Kienast, Radical Leadership® Founder

Tuthill Corporation has been on a journey to become a Conscious Company since 2005. At Tuthill we strive to create an environment where individuals are both motivated and effective. One of the ways that this is accomplished is by treating people as the great individuals that they are instead of as business objects.

With unwavering confidence that each and every one of our employees has the potential to become a Radical Leader, Tuthill has invested a large amount of time in teaching the principles of a Conscious Company and Radical Leadership® at all levels within the organization.

It's wonderful that the benefit of becoming a Conscious Company doesn't stop here within the walls of Tuthill. In the words of Tom Carmazzi "We have embarked on a journey that we believe will have impact outside of Tuthill. In fact, our purpose is to Wake the World."

Starting at the top with Chairman Jay Tuthill, the Conscious Company principles are spreading rapidly throughout the organization. It all began with two distinct three-day retreats that were attended by Jay's leadership team and then pushed down to managers and supervisors throughout the organization. It is one thing to send everyone off to leadership training to strengthen their skill sets, but it's another to teach it yourself.

Not only did Jay participate as a teacher in these events, but he changed his title from Chief Executive Officer to Chief Environmental Officer at the time, which firmly planted his flag in his commitment to creating a great place to work. According to Tom Carmazzi, CEO, "He talks about what it means to be a Radical Leader, about becoming fully aware and responsible for achieving what you want. It's a huge statement to have him being the leader of this endeavor. He's not just saying it; he's standing up in front of the room and living it."

Now that the leadership and supervisors have completed this training they are being called forth to teach the materials to the remainder of the Tuthill population. These materials have been broken down into smaller four-hour blocks and almost all Tuthill employees have been exposed to some level of this training. Some of the key topics covered in this training are awareness, responsibility, intention, choice, and impact.

Awareness: The primary objective in this training is to turn up the awareness of what's going on with the thoughts and feelings inside of you, the people next to you, and in the world around you.

Responsibility: With awareness comes a whole world of choice and possibility that can lead one down a path of creating exactly what he or she wants. Being response-able is a very powerful option should you choose to exercise it. Don't walk through life as a victim with your head hanging low, instead pick up your head and make a choice that will lead you down a better road. Don't belittle people around you, instead call them forth to be great and see what can be accomplished then. Don't steal credit from people or do things in their place because your way is better, instead honor their achievements and learn from how they did it.

Intention: Employees are asked to take a deep look at what they want personally and to speak up about it so that an overlap between their wants and the company wants can be identified. Once this occurs employees become both more motivated to come to work everyday and more effective at what they're working on.

Choice: Understand what options are available to you. Sometimes you need to think outside of the box and sometimes you will need help. Remember to ask for it if you need it, then pick. If your choice doesn't have the impact you desire just pick another option and try again.

Impact: Watch what you've created unfold right before your very eyes. If it's not what you intended, take a closer look at the options you've exposed and the choices you've made. The possibilities are without bounds!

A fundamental understanding of these core concepts sets the framework for understanding what a Conscious Leader truly is.