The "Four Sticks"

Leadership. It's not just a word here at Tuthill.

It's the foundation of our success and it's something we require of each other no matter what our role or what day it happens to be.

To be a leader is to be conscious of what's happening around us and within us - and to respond to that awareness with choices that support our Vision, our Mission, our Values, and our Brand.

At Tuthill, successful leaders are called CABL's. It sounds like "cable" and it stands for Conscious Accountable Business Leader. And it looks like self-aware folks who understand what the business needs from them and how best to deliver it. CABL's are easy to recognize when you see them. They're the people you want to see when you join a new team. They're the people who inspire the rest of us and help us see what's possible. They're the people who make it easy for us to feel the importance of our own contributions.

The "Four Sticks" represent (from left) a CABL committed to self-development, the team willing to do the work required to improve, the "driver measures" that clarify what success looks like on a day-by-day and hour-by-hour basis, and finally (at right) the economic results.

The "Four Sticks" is a favorite symbol at Tuthill. It is always read left-to-right. It reminds us that success starts with the leader. And it reminds us that results are just that - results. They are the RESULT of a leader, a team, and a focus. Our results cannot be managed. They are simply a factual accounting of what has happened.

The Four Sticks

The "Four Sticks" symbol is a call for leadership at all levels of Tuthill. It is a call designed to accept nothing less.