Tuthill Begins Search for Aliveness with Documentary Series


The new documentary series will follow Tuthill’s journey to explore the concept of “aliveness.” The Tuthill team consisting of Chad Gabriel, Vito Pellicano and Erica Magda will have conversations with people around the world to discover how they define aliveness.

The universal truth is that we’re all on a journey to get the most out of life.

The goal is to craft a collective “recipe” for aliveness and share it with the world. It is called a recipe because each individual is unique and may want to try different ingredients discovered along the way. The idea is to inspire viewers, create engagement, and have the audience explore for themselves. Tuthill is currently targeting the following six episode concepts:

  • E01: A Company with Heart 
    This will be a brief introduction to Tuthill that explains why we are on this journey to “Search for Aliveness” and outlines our current perspectives on aliveness.
  • E02: Exploring Aliveness 
    Tuthill will start to explore what it means to be alive by interviewing people from different cultures, belief systems, social classes, lifestyles, and values. The team hopes to discover what the differences and similarities are and begin crafting our recipe based on our findings.
  • E03: Aliveness or Happiness 
    What is the difference between being alive and being happy? Tuthill will explore the differences and ask the question: Can one be alive and still feel happy, sad, scared, angry, compassionate, or driven?
  • E04: A Child’s Heart 
    Children are innocent and free. Tuthill will ask kids ranging from five years old through sixteen years old about what aliveness means to them. What can we learn from the youth of our world?
  • E05: The Science, Spiritualism, and Religion Behind Aliveness 
    Tuthill will interview experts in their fields regarding things like oxytocin, energy, diet, and other biological influences on the mind and body. What role do religion and spirituality play?
  • E06: The Aliveness Experiment 
    Tuthill will introduce the recipe and the process to the viewer. As the team heads out and attempts to spread aliveness, using it, Tuthill will report on the findings and how long does it take to see/feel results.

These ideas may evolve and change as the team ventures into the discovery. Filming has commenced, and episodes are scheduled to be released on Tuthill's website and social media as they are completed by the end of the year. This will not be a money-making venture for Tuthill Corporation, but, with any luck, it will be an engaging and enlightening initiative.

The Tuthill team will be documenting their journey; posting our progress, sharing behind the scenes footage, and asking engaging questions to our viewers along the way on a blog. 

If you’re interested in being in the film or know someone with a compelling story or perspective on aliveness please contact the team. The team is are currently running a worldwide casting call for individuals seeking to explore aliveness with us and share their story with the world.